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    Grand Opening!

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    Grand Opening! Empty Grand Opening!

    Post  ZenRowe Sat Jun 04, 2011 7:32 pm

    Well the forum is officially open. it doesn't have much in it but over the next couple days i will be building teh sections of the forum. i will also use start recruiting for guild officers. the game may not allow for it in title yet. but they can be recognized here on the forums.

    Don't ask about becoming an officer. I will either post about recruiting for you to apply in. or i will contact you directly about it. do not create threads for it!

    Try to get any of your fellow guild mates to register so that we can keep track of each other for open beta. no pressure though if they don't want to register here they do not have to. just tell them to keep a look at the new board to keep up with guild information. they should be able to see it without having to register

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