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    ***Guild Rules & Requirements***

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    ***Guild Rules & Requirements***  Empty ***Guild Rules & Requirements***

    Post  ZenRowe Fri Jun 17, 2011 8:24 am

    Read this post carefully, and then read it again

    These are the guild rules. these rules are not guidelines, they are rules. if you do not follow the rules you will not be in the guild. it is as simple as that.

    First of the guild has only one requirement. It is not a level requirement.

    ALL MEMBERS are required to earn 140 guild fame within the first 48 hours of their acceptance. This is a ONE TIME ONLY requirement.

    Anything you ever earn beyond that 140 fame is voluntary. Keep in mind there will be a rewards system put into place to encourage fame contribution as well.

    now on to the . . .

    Guild Rules:

    Rule Number One:
    Respect. respect is our number one rule, respect other guild members, respect other players even if they are not your guildmates. Especially your guild officers. If i am not online you listen to what the guild officers have to say. if i hear anything from the guild officers saying that people were not following rules, punishments will be handed out occordingly.

    2) Multi-language rules: This is an international guild, as such i feel it would be unfair of me to say that only English can be spoken in guild chat, HOWEVER it is the only language i speak fluently so primarily the language that will be spoken in guild chat will be English. this isn't to say that you can not speak your native languages from time to time but there are some rules about it.
    a) do not use the language privilages to cirumvent guild rules. if you do it will an instantanious and permanent ban.
    b) do not use your native language to speak to members of the guild that you know do not speak it. it is disrespectful, and it makes guild chat awkward.
    c) if someone asks what you are saying if you are talking in your native tongue translate. it should not be a problem i hope because if you are having private discussion in guild chat -you are doing it wrong- that is why we have the PM system, if it's a private discussion it does not belong in guild chat.

    3) Inappropriate & Offensive language: racist comments are not permitted. Period, end of story. racist comments will get you an instant and permanent ban, this is an international guild, we will operate as a single united family on that front.

    Inappropriate language: if it's something you would be uncomfortable saying in front of your grandmother, don't say it here, keep the pillow talk between you and your spouse/girlfriend/hand and out of the game chat.

    4) The fame requirement is non negotiable, but if i see that you are trying, i will give some leeway on time to get it done, if by the end of 48 hours after your recruitment you still have 0 fame contributed, you will be kicked. This is because a lot of members have worked hard for our town, having members who want all the benefits without having to help earn it will not be tolerated.

    You will contribute to the guild or you will not be part of the guild. the requirement is not much to begin with so if you have a problem with doing so little then you do not belong here.

    5) please do not use caps lock in chat. it will be treated with spam and i will probably start ignoring it XD

    6) Please adhere to looting etiquette here: Looting Etiquette

    The rules may be added to in the future as things come up that were not considered before. if so i will add a revision number to the title.

    If you have any problems or questions with anything, both myself, and the guild officers are here to listen and help you if you need us.

    and put in a request to join that usergroup so that you can be approved and see all the different guild member only boards

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